Purdy Veterinary Hospital provides a vast array of services including general wellness and preventative care to make sure your pets stay healthy as long as possible.  We also offer excellent medical and surgical care should the need arise.  We are dedicated to not only the physical condition of your pet, but with equal importance, to making sure we can manage pain and emotional stress.

Please take a moment to browse our services in more depth below.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine includes the diagnosis and treatment of infectious, metabolic and neoplastic conditions.  At Purdy Veterinary Hospital, we have many diagnostic devices to help us make the proper diagnosis of your pet’s condition, including in house blood analyzers, digital radiography and ultrasound.  We have experience managing cases such as diabetes mellitus, Cushings and Addisons disease as well as kidney disease, liver disease, and various forms of cancer, to name a few.



We are able to meet your pet’s surgical needs whether it be a spay or neuter, mass removal, or advanced orthopedic surgery.  Pain management is an important part of any surgical procedure and local nerve blocks as well as injectable and oral pain medications are used to minimize pain and improve the healing process.


Dental Care

It is estimated that more than 85% of dogs and cats greater than four years of age suffer from dental disease.  Unfortunately this can go unnoticed for some time because animals can’t speak and often hide their symptoms.  Dental disease can cause pain and discomfort and can lead to decay of both the tooth and surrounding bone as well as local infections and infections that can spread to other important organs of the body.

At Purdy Veterinary Hospital we inspect our patient’s teeth on regular visits and let you know when the time is right to have a dentistry performed.  During this procedure, your pet’s teeth are thoroughly cleaned and polished, including above the gum line and in those hard to reach places.  You can do your part at home by regular brushing of your pet’s teeth and by providing various chews, but just like with humans, who brush their teeth daily, professional dentistry is important for overall health in our furry friends, just as it is with us humans.



Microchips can be very helpful in reuniting lost pets with their owners.  We offer implantation and have scanners to check for and verify microchips.


OFA Screening

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals helps breeders reduce the incidence of genetic disease in their dogs by certifying hips, elbows, and patellas, among others.

At Purdy Veterinary Hospital we pride ourselves in taking quality radiographs to make sure that your pet receives the very best evaluation that he deserves.  We find that with a little patience, sedation is rarely needed to obtain good films.  Our clients come from great distances for these services and we appreciate their efforts and are dedicated to providing excellent service in this area.


Imaging – Radiology & Ultrasound

Radiographs (X-ray imaging)  and ultrasound can be used to visualize internal organs and help make diagnoses of specific diseases.  We also use these modalities to help detect and monitor pregnancy.

At Purdy Veterinary Hospital we offer digital radiography, which has the benefit of less radiation exposure to the patient and easy manipulation of images.  Our inhouse ultrasound unit is utilized and for those more advanced or complicated cases, we can call in a veterinary ultrasonographer to assist us.



Vaccinations stimulate the immune system so that it is ready to protect the body if and when exposed to specific diseases.  We offer vaccinations for rabies, distemper, parvo, leptospirosis and bordetella, as well as feline viral rhinotracheitis, calici virus, panleukopenia, and feline leukemia.


Puppy & Kitten Care

It’s important for puppies and kittens to get started on the right paw.  We discuss the proper steps needed to do this including basic training, diet and preventative health care.


Wellness Exams

Wellness exams are an important part of your pet’s care.  Our doctors complete a thorough physical examination and offer recommendations based on physical exam findings, as well as your pet’s breed and age.  We believe wellness exams are important in discovering potential issues before they become more difficult to manage and treat.



Acupuncture increases blood flow and relaxes tight muscles to help support the body’s natural healing process. It can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions and is especially helpful in managing pain and improving quality of life.


Geriatric Care, Palliative Care and Pain Management

Although we don’t like to admit it, just like humans, our pets don’t live forever and some diseases are incurable.  We are dedicated to pain management for all of our patients and pay special attention to those animals who are suffering from chronic pain, such as arthritis, or have a terminal illness.  Our caring and compassionate staff can help discuss these issues, offer pain management options, as well as their support during these difficult times.